Catch Up!

VisuMotion is a venture company located at Jena in Germany, which is in the forefront of the 3D computer graphics technology. It is one of the two companies in the world which commercialized goggles-less 3D display.
VMJ and VisuMotion teamed up with SHARP and developped the world biggest 65 inch 3D display.
65 inch 3D display is so different from the previous 40 inch 3D display in terms of dynamism. It was introduced in Nikkei Shinbun (Japan's most published economic newspaper) on 6/5. We started selling 65 inch in June.
Recently classified advertisements and written guidance in the hotel, station, shopping center, shopping mal and airport are changing from paper-based to electronic displays.
Our 3D displays are superior to 2D displays in terms of the impact on customers and passengers.
According to the research by EASTMAN KODAK, when 2D and 3D displays are set in the shopping center, 58% of passengers memorized 3D ads while only 7% did in 2D. Furthermore, as the result of 3D advertisement, 34% more customers entered the stores, and 12% more sales are acquired.
What is important is the cost. Our technology made the display half the price of the past. 3D contents can also be made at a price as low as a few thousand dollars.
A Middle Eastern client demanded 108 inch 3D display and we are working on it.
To compensate for the weakness of LCD display to the sun light, we are now developping LED 3D display. LED can realize larger than 108 inch display by patching up smaller displays.
Bill Gates' prediction "Every visual becomes 3D" may come true in the near future.