About Rc Movie Center
is a software to manage and play 3D video files.
  • ELibrary Edition: Stand-alone version.
  • ENetwork Edition: Network version. It enables to distribute, play and reserve 3D contents in the distance through the network.

Our biggest selling point is that you can watch popping up video without special goggles or glasses, so the 3D promotions and 3D advertisements can be seen by a wide range of people.
Our 3D display is bright enough to show videos in places such as shops and offices.

Parallax Barrier Technology has about 120 viewing angles. Unlike other 3D display systems, the Dynamatics 3D technology can be applied also for very short viewing distances (40 cm or less) which is a usual feature of Pachinko game machines.


By arranging thin black lines on the filter, parallax barrier system seperate the light dots seen by each eye. Also we arrange images from different directions on the same screen, which realizes appropriate 3D visualization from different view points.



About VisuMotion